10 ‘Miss Rona’ buzzwords

10 'Miss Rona' Buzzwords amenglish blog post

What is a buzzword? It is a word or expression that has become fashionable within a specific period or context (the pandemic, in this case).

10 'Miss Rona Neologisms'

‘The Rona’ or ‘Miss Rona’, both commonly used to refer to the COVID-19, has brought not only uncountable social and economic changes, but also its own lexicon. 


A neologism is a newly coined word or expression or a new meaning given to an existing word. (to coin: acuñar, crear).

Let’s see 10 of these neologisms resulting from the present pandemic.

1. Blursday: do you remember having the sensation of not knowing exactly which day of the week it was during the lockdown (confinamiento)? That’s ‘blursday’! A way of expressing that a day of the week does not feel much different from the day before.

2. Covideo: this neologism refers to social events carried out through videoconference, such as having a drink with friends, during the lockdown.

3. Covidiot: those who ignore health and safety policies and warnings.

4. Doomscrolling: the morbid and unhealthy habit of continuously reading bad news regarding the virus, statistics, infection rates, etc. (the neologism combines the noun ‘doom’: catástrofe, miseria, and the verb ‘scroll’: desplazarse hacia abajo en una página web o pantalla).


Language is a living thing quote
Language is a living thing. We can feel it changing. Parts of it become old: they drop off and are forgotten. New pieces bud out, spread into leaves, and become big branches, proliferating.
Gilbert Highet.

5. Infodemic: this term refers to the excessive amount of information you get about a problem (the COVID-19 in this case), most of which is unreliable (poco fiable) and often fake (falso)

6. Maskhole: a person who ignores the guidelines (pautas) on wearing facemasks and wears them in other places, such as the neck or the chin (barbilla), making it totally ineffective.

7. Quaranteam – if you created a social circle with which you remotely (a distancia) shared the whole quarantine experience, then you were a member of a ‘quaranteam’.

8. Sanny: short for sanitiser, the hydrologic gel we use as disinfectant. 

9. Zoombombing: in the past, people used to ‘bomb’ your photos or selfies. Similarly, ‘zoombombing’ is when someone physically invades your videoconference. 

10. Zumping: breaking up with someone (boyfriend, girlfriend etc.) during a video call. It mixes the name of the app Zoom with the word ‘dumping’, which means breaking up with somebody (ending a relationship).


You will find these neologisms in blogs and articles, and also being used as hashtags. It goes to show (demuestra) that human creativity and our capacity to adapt to new situations, sometimes using humour as an ally (aliado),  will not be stopped even by ‘Miss Rona’.

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