5 Idioms about success.

5 Idioms about success - learn English with the AMEnglish blog

Success. Something we all hope for both in our business and private lives. Let’s learn some idioms regarding success.

But first of all…

What is an idiom?

It is short for ‘idiomatic expression’. You will find the following definition in the Cambridge Dictionary:

idiom noun

UK  /ˈɪd.i.əm/ US  /ˈɪd.i.əm/

B2 [C]a group of words in a fixed order that have a particular meaning that is different from the meanings of each word on its own:

To “have bitten off more than you can chew” is an idiom that means you have tried to do something which is too difficult for you.
As you can see, and idiom is what we call in Spanish a ‘modismo’ or ‘expresión característica de una lengua’ and these expressions are quite common in our everyday conversations. 
Today, we will look at 5 idioms related to SUCCESS (éxito).
  1. To make a killing: it means to make a big profit very quickly. ‘They made a killing with the sale of their London house’. ‘Hicieron su agosto con la venta de su casa de Londres.
  2. To get off the ground: to start being succesful. ‘The project needs funding to get off the ground’`. ‘El proyecto necesita financiación para despegar
  3. To climb the career ladder: to be promoted to a higher position. ‘To climb the career ladder, employees need to renew their skills and knowledge regularly’. ‘Para escalar posiciones, los empleados necesitan renovar sus conocimientos y habilidades regularmente’.
  4. Up-and-coming: Likely to obtain success soon. ‘We work with up-and-coming talents in whom we believe and want to grow with’. ‘Trabajamos con talentos prometedores en los que creemos y con los que queremos crecer.
  5. To go great guns: To do something very successfully. ‘My brother is going great guns in his new job, and he will probably get a promotion soon’. ‘A mi hermano le va viento en popa en el trabajo y probablemente le ascenderán dentro de poco’.

I hope you enjoyed yu enjoyed learning these 5 idioms about success. Here’s an infographic with all of them for you to download if you wish.

Idioms about success - amenglish.es - inglés de negocios en empresas en Alicante


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