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Welcome to the amenglish blog!

Would you like to know how to give a Presentation in English? Do you need a written guide on Telephone English? Are you aware that you might be making common mistakes without even realising?

You will find all of that and much more in the amenglish blog! 


The content of the blog targets those needs I detect in the classroom on a daily basis and its purpose is, not only to teach you new stuff, but also help you overcome any difficulties you might be facing as an English student.



Feel free to use all the information and posts for your everyday English needs both in your private and work life. 

Got doubts about the content and need clarification? Just add a comment with your questions at the end of each post and I will be happy to answer as soon as I can.

Is there a topic you would like me to talk about and explain in the blog? A guide that you think people would find useful, maybe? Great! Let me know!

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Blog archives

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Ainhoa Monasterio Del Amo - Fundadora y profesora de inglés de negocios en AMEnglish

Ainhoa Monasterio Del Amo

Founder & Business English Specialist

Hi there!

I have learnt so much about so many things through this wonderful tool, called the world wide web, that I thought I should give some of it back and contribute to spreading knowledge that hopefully many of you will find useful. Thus, creating the amenglish Blog.

I hope you like it here and will visit often.

Once again, welcome!

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Ainhoa Monasterio Firma AMEnglish

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Any questions or doubts? Is there anything you would like to to talk about in the blog? Let me know and I will answer you as soon as I can!

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